Sunday, September 28, 2008

coffee & Tea

In my country the old people are used to drink coffee in the mornings to get active for the whole day that´s why starbucks is very famous in mexico, and the younger people are use to drink coffee in get together and socialize, all the young people on sundays they are used to go like at 6 o´clock in the afternoon to go drink coffe and talk about how their week was, in my house there a lot of members of my family that like coffee and tea, but most coffee, they say its really helpful a cup of coffee in the mornings to get the energy to go over the whole day, but tea they use it only like to relax in the nights when they cant sleep and sometimes when they are sick of their stomach they use this to feel a little bit because have a lot of healing qualities in their composition that helps to get better quickly, the most famous tea is what we called in mexico "Manzanilla Tea", that is like a plant that people boil it and is really good for your stomach and it helps your body to purifiy all the bad things you have in it. but definitely the coffe is more famous than tea. bye. see ya later alligator.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my favorite movie

in mexico, there is not a well known music industry, there is a lot of movies about cowboys and tekilas and crazy mexicans, but no they dont really watch those kind of movies in my country, there is not like a big motion mexican movie, that is known around the world, they just know about it in mexico, people over there are used to watching a lot of american movies, because they are famous worlwide and people really like them, i dont have like a gender of movie that i particularly prefer, but if i have to choose between all the movies, wich one is my favorite, ill say its Gladiator, with russell crowe, he is a really good actor, and i think he impersonate that character really well, and he is one of the best actors ive seen in movies, that is my favorite movies because it talks about pride, war and blood :D, i like bloody movies hehe. thanks for reading

Sunday, September 14, 2008

what type of music i like

My favorite type of music is mexican music, we call it "Mariachi", its a musis where people have a guitar and they drink tequila why the sing it, there is a lot of good interpretes of mariachi music, its also called in other countries "Rancheras",
Tequila is a drink that is only made in mexico, in the state of Guadalajara, and they export it from there, the best interpreter of mariachi of my prefence is Vicente Fernandez, he has been singing mariachi songs for a long time, his son is also a famous rancheras singer his name is alejandro fernandez, and he is also very good at it, when i here this music i feel like singing, its make me feel happy and cheerful, i first heard this music when i was like 6 years old, because in mexico they listen to this a lot, and i grow up with it so i really like the RANCHERAS.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Homework #1

What was my initial reaction to coming to the United States?

Frist of all, I had fear because i didnt knew anything about english, i was new in town i didnt really knew anyone so i felt a little bit scared about it, but at the same time i was happy because i knew i has gonna meet new people and i really wanted to go to school here in SIU, and i was gonna meet a new culture, i was also very excited to become a part of the SIU swimming team, i also thought i was gonna miss very much, my friends and my family but i think everything is gonna be worth it, because im gonna receive a very good education here in SIU, I also really liked carbondale and SIU, so far ive been having a lot of fun here in the States and i hope i can really adapt myself here and become part of the SIU alumni in a close future, and possibly a famous swimmer here in the American swimming competitions.

Friday, August 29, 2008

My first post


I am really excited to be in SIUC.

Carbondale es beautiful